We take care of the entire electrical construction process of your next industrial, commercial, government or residential project

We are MN, a company with extensive experience in the design, construction, maintenance and administration of electrical systems. This includes distribution networks with aerial and underground lines, electrical substations, and subtransmission lines.

At MN we provide a comprehensive service that meets the expectations and strict guidelines of our clients and at the same time adheres to the regulations of different agencies such as the CFE, managing to deliver the best technical and economic solutions that favor your company.

How are we organized at MN to deliver the best electrical construction project to you?

A multidisciplinary group will accompany you at all times with the main purpose of delivering your next electrical project under the standards of quality, budget and established times.

Project Department

Construction Department


Manage human resources, machinery, equipment and materials to be used in the construction process of a project.


  • - Supervise to ensure that a project is built with the quality, current regulations and required timeline.
  • - Manage human resources, materials, machinery, equipment.
  • - Plan with the client the timeline in which construction project will be carried out.
  • - Detect and solve the eventualities that are generated in the field.
  • - Making daily work plans to achieve maximum efficiency in time, cost and quality.
  • - Supervise that a project is built with the current Quality and Regulations.
  • - Carry out work estimates to define the optimal scope of the electrical construction project.

Administrative Department


Manage, administer and reconcile company resources.


  • - Budgeting and purchasing of materials, tools and equipment.
  • - Manage procedures with agencies (Government, IMSS, SAT, CFE).
  • - Verify that the short, medium and long term objectives of the work are met.
  • - Control the budget of the works in order to obtain maximum efficiency.
  • - Hiring of qualified personnel for specific activities required by the electrical construction work.
  • - Carrying out procedures with the corresponding agencies: IMSS, SAT, CFE, among others.
  • - Coordinate with the Projects and Construction Departments regarding the specifications of materials, tools and equipment to be used in a work.
  • - Verify that the short, medium and long term objectives of a project are met.
  • - Manage the payment of the estimates together with the client.
  • - Plan refresher courses for all departments.

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Coverage of services in electrical installation

At MN we provide coverage to the entire Yucatan peninsula under a standardized framework that involves the design, management and development of comprehensive construction projects in electrical installations.

Cobertura de servicios en instalación eléctrica

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At MN we are ready to design your next electrical system under maximum efficiency.