About us?

We are MN, a company with extensive experience in the design, construction, maintenance and administration of electrical systems. This includes distribution networks with aerial and underground lines, electrical substations, and subtransmission lines.

Why work with experts on electrical work installation?

A multidisciplinary team will be accompanying you at all times to achieve the
maximum return on your investment:


Expert trained to carry out your project in electrical engineering.

Design and budgeting of electrical work

Preparation of projects under current regulations.

Construction of electrical system

Execution of the work, periodic meetings held by multiple supervisors.

Quality tests and supervision

Prevention of failures to improve the quality of the electrical work.

Delivery of the electrical project

Delivery to CFE and to the verification units of electrical installations, achieving a faster and more efficient process.


Corrective and preventive for customized installations.

Today we position ourselves as the best business option in electrical installation.

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At MN we are ready to design your next electrical system under maximum efficiency.